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Employee safety is our priorty

Safety-first approach

Well-being in the Workplace

At BOSS Staffing, the well-being and safety of our employees is a top priority. From the application process to the last day on the job, our staffing specialists ensure a supportive and safe working environment.

This ensures our employees understand all aspects of their work, including any operational or safety requirements.

  • Workers have the right to know about workplace health and safety hazards.
  • Workers have the right to make recommendations about health and safety.
  • Workers have the right to refuse work if they believe it endangers their health and safety.

As part of our application process, all candidates will become familiar with the Ministry of Labour’s Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps, which covers general health and safety information in the workplace.

For employees who will be handling, storing, and/or transporting hazardous or dangerous materials, we work with our employer partners to provide Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) orientation and training.

Prior to the start of any assignment, all employees will be made aware of the following important policies:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Privacy Policy

We welcome and encourage applications from all candidates, including those with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request for candidates at any point in the recruitment and selection process.

For assignment employees, we work with our employer partners to provide accommodations, wherever possible, to enable barrier-free employment in a safe workplace.

Occasionally, existing employees will take on new responsibilities or will be required to cross-train on new equipment or machinery. This may require on-site or off-site education at a training facility.

As part of our commitment to employee safety, all new employees will receive regular check-ins to ensure they are well oriented to their new jobs and to take note of any on-site health and safety concerns.

We work with our employer partners to create safe working environments with clearly defined policies and procedures.

Our goal is to prevent accidents from ever happening, but in the unfortunate case of an accident, we work with our employees get them immediate assistance, and follow accident investigation procedures to identify or eliminate workplace hazards.

We support our employees in their recovery and, wherever possible, accommodate their safe return to work.

During extraordinary circumstances, existing health and safety policies may need to be adjusted. In the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, we enacted additional controls, including:

  • Regular check-ins with all employees to update our policies
  • Employee symptom checks
  • Social distancing in the workplace
  • Additional cleaning and disinfection protocols
  • Physical or protective barriers, if possible
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), including mask wearing
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