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Your staff is your most important – and likely, most expensive – resource.  And like any resource, tracking your numbers is important.  With modern time and attendance solutions, the days of pen and paper recording, illegible timesheets, and communication mishaps are a thing of the past.

New technologies allow organizations to securely transfer employee hours to management or payroll, guard against employee misrepresentation and time theft, and save on labour and payroll costs.

At BOSS Staffing, we work with our clients to find the right time and attendance solutions to suit their staffing and business needs at an affordable cost.

Options

Explore employee sign-in options, including timecards, punches, and biometric machines, which eliminate “buddy punching”.

Complex Calculations

Manage complex calculations, including daily hours worked, break times, overtime, and scheduled time off.

Job Costing

Improve the accuracy of job, project, and overhead costing by tracking real versus projected hours worked.

Easy Integration

Integrate with many HR and payroll programs to reduce double entry, resulting in saved time and labour costs.

Time & attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all.  Some businesses opt for simple timecard or punch clock systems that do not integrate with HR and payroll software.

Buddy punching refers to employees swiping each others punch cards to cover for absent or late co-workers. It is a considered a form of time theft and can lead to inflated payroll expenses.

Yes. However, these systems are also used with salaried employees to track the time spent working on specific projects.

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