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Timely remittance of payroll taxes to government agencies - accurately and on time.

WSIB Premiums

Regular remittance and reporting of WSIB premiums based on your industry and claims history.

Electronic Filings

Easy electronic filing of important documents like year-end T4s and record of employment (ROE).

Holiday Pay

Accurate statutory holiday pay for eligible employees, per Employment Standards Act formulas.

Additional Calculations

Responsive calculation of additional pay categories, like commissions and bonuses.

Direct Deposit

Enhanced pay and convenience with employee direct deposit and electronic pay stubs.

Payroll Management

Getting the Numbers Right

Payroll management is an integral part of any business that can’t be left to chance.  Without expert knowledge in the field, the burden of maintaining payroll schedules and meeting reporting deadlines can lead to costly financial errors.

At BOSS staffing, we offer a stable, outsourced payroll system that will not quit on you. Our dedicated staff will work with your business to ensure all your payroll needs are met, including comprehensive data collection, administration, filings, and remittances.

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Payroll services

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the client’s requirements and contract details. In general, most employees are paid on a weekly basis.

Yes. All eligible employees will receive statutory holiday pay, per government formulas. Vacation pay is usually included in every pay period, although it can be paid out at other intervals as well.

Yes. We will handle all employee inquiries regarding direct deposit processing, electronic pay stubs, and T4 slips.

Our experienced payroll department employs dedicated software to comply with all requirements. We also consult with our accounting and legal team to ensure we remain abreast of any new requirements.

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