HR Consulting

Boost organizational effectiveness

Affordable & flexible

Targeted HR Solutions

Recruitment & Selection

Address short-term staffing gaps, peak season production booms, or long-term succession planning with the right candidate and the “right fit”.

Occupational Health & Safety

Ensure a safe workplace in accordance with provincial acts to address employer and employee responsibilities, workplace violence and harassment, and general health and safety.

Policies and Procedures

Develop HR roadmaps for employee and recruitment handbooks, organization guides, and legally required policies to boost productivity and reduce organizational liability.

Legislative Compliance

Align workplace policies with important provincial and federal laws, including Employment Standards (ESA), Health & Safety (OHSA), Accessibility (AODA), and Privacy (PIPEDA).

Employee Management

Manage employee performance in support of workplace goals through effective communication strategies, performance reviews, and corrective measures.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Enjoy the benefits of diverse talent pools, improved employee performance, and reduced attrition through fair and inclusive workplace training and programming.

Informed by best practices

Beyond the Bottom Line

Keeping track of human resource needs can be a challenge for any organization. Without an internal HR department or dedicated consultant, important tasks can fall by the wayside, affecting more than your bottom line.

At BOSS Staffing, our HR consultants have spent years working with leading employers to boost organizational effectiveness and improve employee performance, management, policy compliance, and much more.

Informed by best practices in the field, our HR solutions are cost-effective and flexible – offering a suite of policies and programs or targeted solutions to address specific concerns.

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HR consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our HR Consulting services are available to all clients.

Yes. We are happy to assist your existing staff with specific HR initiatives or rollouts.

All businesses are required to adhere to employment standards and laws, or they risk legal and/or financial penalties. Legislative compliance means having the proper policies and procedures in place to meet those obligations.

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